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Overhead Crane anti-derailment installation scheme
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Overhead Crane anti-derailment installation scheme

At present, bridge and gantry crane products belong to special equipment, and are widely used in various fields of national production. The base quantity of domestic and even world-wide possession is very large, and its operational safety issues are very important. Bad ground equipment, wounding lives. Every year, the track leading to serious crane track error leads to derailment and even high-altitude crash accidents. By installing this product on the above-mentioned crane equipment, it is possible to prevent and correct the derailment phenomenon of the crane trolley during operation, and to avoid the crane falling down accident due to derailment or falling rails.

Anti-derailment device installation scheme

The device is suitable for the crane running mechanism and the double beam trolley running mechanism, and the applicable wheels are the LD wheel structure and the angular bearing box wheel structure respectively. The device is installed on the front end of the running end beam, and the horizontal wheels on both sides of the running track are used to contact the rails in a rolling manner before the wheel friction of the cart to offset the horizontal lateral force of the running part of the cart and prevent the rail from being Derailment; at the same time, the two horizontal wheels are installed below the orbital plane and the wheel flanges, which is equivalent to maximizing the height of the wheel flanges. Prevent the accident of crane derailment caused by the original wheel wheel being too shallow.

1. Before installing the device, it is best to confirm whether the crane has serious walking ramps. If it exists, it is recommended to adjust the wheel horizontal deflection so that it is no longer track or reduce the track ( If this step is not performed, the wear and frequency of replacement of the horizontal wheels of the derailment prevention device will be accelerated. Then adjust the centre line of the end wheel of the crane to coincide with the centre line of the track span and prepare for installation.

2. Remove the steel plate of the plug plate and the fixed plug plate at the front end of the original LD type end beam, and then cut and trim the end of the end beam; measure the width of the head of the cart, and adjust the spacing between the two horizontal wheels of the device. To be greater than the head width of the track is about 10-15mm (or slightly narrower than the width of the wheel wheel groove 5mm or equal width); after adjustment is completed, the back nut is tightened, and the bolt gasket and the horizontal wheel shaft washer are welded by electric welding ( In the lower plane of the horizontal wheel bracket and above the horizontal wheel), it is ensured that the horizontal wheel will not change due to the lateral force in the future.

3. Place the device on the front end of the finished end beam so that the two connection flange plates on the back of the device fit tightly with the ends; adjust the height of the device from the orbital plane up and down so that the horizontal plane is on the track and the track The plane is almost flush, and pay attention to the height of the bottom of the horizontal wheel, to avoid interference with the rail fixing bolts, and to affect the normal operation of the cart in the full-length direction of the rail. After the size of each part is adjusted and confirmed, the connection flange of the device and the end of the end beam are firmly welded by electric welding. And with triangular reinforcement ribs to further strengthen the welding.

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