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mistakes easy to make when purchasing industrial cranes
- Jun 26, 2018 -

mistakes easy to make when purchasing industrial cranes

Industrial cranes do bring convenience to the company's production and increase production efficiency. The crane has entered ten million companies and is an indispensable mechanical equipment for modern enterprise production. Even some companies can't produce without driving, so companies rely on more and more mechanical equipment.

Buying a car does not require much expertise, but you need to correct your ideas. Many companies are prone to some conceptual mistakes when they buy a industrial crane, which ultimately causes inconvenience to the company. So here is a chat with you about what conceptual mistakes are easy to make when buying a car.

1, the lower the price, the better

The price is a point that buyers value more. After all, this is a big expense. There are also some customers who know very little about cranes and think that cranes can be used as long as they can be used. They do not know that low-cost cranes bring high maintenance costs. We do not recommend that the more expensive the better, but to meet their own production needs, according to the frequency of use to determine the crane configuration.

2, the wrong request

Usually 5 tons of traffic using the P24 track, but some customers require the use of P30 track. There is no problem using the P30 track, but this increases the cost of the equipment. Not all parts are better, but the key is to be just right.


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