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Maintenance instructions for worm gear reducer
- Feb 07, 2018 -

New reducer used in turn even after 300 hours, need to change new oil, then each used 2500 hours needs an oil change, but still in use process should be regularly check the oil quality, if the oil has impurities, aging, metamorphism, must be replaced at any time.

The reducer should use the gear oil of fixed brand and number, and should not mix different brands, Numbers or different types of oil. In the process of oil change, it should be cleaned first and then injected with new oil.

During use, if I found the oil temperature is too high (more than 80 ℃), and abnormal phenomenon such as noise, should immediately stop using, to check the reason. After the troubleshooting or replacement of the lubricating oil, can continue to use.

If extreme cold as below 10 ℃, temperature should be considered in the selection of the ring on the influence of the speed reducer, can consider the configuration of electric heater and so on, this is very important for the worm gear reducer lubrication maintenance, regular observation of oil level movements, observe whether the vibration and noise have without exception.

The correct maintenance of worm gear reducer can maximize its function.

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