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Lifting electromagnet install for excavator
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Lifting electromagnet installation steps for excavators

      On the rotating platform of the excavator, a mounting platform is welded; the generator set and the lifting electromagnet rectifier control cabinet are installed on the platform; and the suction/discharge switch in the rectifying control cabinet is installed in the operating room;

      The cable connector is mounted on the uppermost arm of the excavator, close to the end, and fixed with screws; the digging bucket is removed;

      Install a lifting electromagnet at the position of the excavator bucket head, put on the pin shaft, and put butter on the rotating position; the generator 3 phase power line is connected to the electromagnet rectifier control cabinet power terminal;

      From the lifting electromagnet rectifier control cabinet bow | out of the three control lines connected to the suction / discharge switch in the excavation horizontal operating room; and then from the electromagnet rectification control cabinet to pull out two thick cables to the cable connector of the excavator arm , on the upper end of the cable connector, connect to the lifting electromagnet with a cable; after the above cable is connected with the wire, confirm whether it is correct;

      Fill the fuel tank of the generator set with oil, or lift the oil pipe into the digging tank, and then start the generator to check whether the output power is normal. If there is no abnormality, the power supply air in the electromagnet rectifier control cabinet can be turned on. In the research, press the suction/discharge switch in the operation room to carry out the electromagnet suction and discharge test, that is, the installation of the electromagnet for excavation is completed.

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