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How to work safely and efficiently
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1) attention should be paid to the angle of wire rope in the pulley groove when wearing the hoisting tool block. In any case, the deflection angle of the pulley groove should not exceed 4 to 6 degrees. Because when the deflection angle of the wire rope in the pulley groove is too large, the wear of the wire rope and the side of the pulley groove is aggravated, on the other hand, the wire rope is easy to slip out of the rope slot, so that the lifting operation can not be carried out normally, and even the accident occurs.

(2) the wire rope worn around the lifting tool block or pulley block must meet the requirements of the pulley. When the diameter of the wire rope exceeds the requirement of the pulley, it will aggravate the wear of the pulley and increase the wear of the wire rope. A certain weight lifting pulley should be equipped with the wire rope of the corresponding thickness.

(3) when the trochlear group is used after being used, the test crane should be carried out first, to examine in detail whether the parts are good, there is no rope, friction or friction between the wire ropes, if it is inappropriate, it should be formally suspended.

(4) when the direction of the force of the pulley varies greatly, the hook type pulley is not declared to be used in high altitude operation, so as to prevent decoupling. If hook type pulley is used, protective measures should be taken. If the hook is hung up, the hook is sealed with a fine wire, so that the hook can not be removed; or the hook with a cable plate is used. The hook is more convenient to use. When the hook is hung up, the cable plate is opened under the effect of the spring and the hook is sealed.

(5) the pulley should not be overloaded, and when the pulley has cracks or defects, it should not be put into operation. Other parts, such as hooks, wheel shafts, pull plates and so on, are not allowed to be used when they do not meet the requirements.

(6) if a multi door pulley is used for only a few doors, its lifting capacity should be reduced by conversion, and it cannot be used as the original weight.

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