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How to choose the trolley crane trolley wire collector?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

How to choose the trolley crane trolley wire collector?

As one of the most critical components for powering a crane, a crane, etc., it is important to select a suitable collector for the trolley conductor.

Slide wire collectors mainly include a boot box, a shoe piece, a spring, a current collector holder, and a current collector support part. First of all, we can use the current of the trolley line to select the use of the collector. The collector is divided into the heavy collector and the light collector. The selection of the light collector is still the heavy collector. It is determined according to the current of the trolley line. Sliding line current less than or equal to 500A, can choose light collector; greater than 500A, we must use heavy current collector.

Secondly, when selecting trolley wire collectors, it is necessary to consider whether manufacturers who are equipped with trolley wires should not use collectors at will. Otherwise, the normal operation of cranes and roads will be affected, and the situation will also cause more contact with the trolley wires. Big damage. The brush above the current collector is made of a copper-containing carbon base. After purchase, check the type of brush line. Because the current collector itself is attributed to consumable products, long-term use will wear the brush, so it is necessary to check regularly, the degree of wear of the brush above the collector, and regular replacement.

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