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How to choose the right overhead crane
- Apr 11, 2018 -

How to choose the right overhead crane

There is also a choice to buy a crane. And this choice is different from the simple general choice of crane users - I want to hang two tons of weight and buy two tons of cranes; I want to hang five tons of weight and buy five tons of cranes; and so on.

For a crane's choice, we must follow a basic principle -- as the saying goes, "one point, one price, one lot." The price of the crane with high quality is relatively high, and the quality of the crane with low price is relatively poor. There is no free lunch, the same, there is no free quality guarantee. Users can choose the right crane according to their actual usage and the actual situation of the heavy load. Next, the East China crane manufacturers based on the experience of many years engaged in crane business, for a company how to choose a suitable crane to make a few brief elaboration, for the general crane users reference.

The load is large, but it is not used frequently. It is only 35 days. The use of this kind of use can choose the products of the enterprises with better quality of word of mouth in the private enterprises, because the most critical of the lifespan of the crane depends on the size of the load and the frequency of the use, especially the frequency of the use. The crane is able to withstand the test if its load is large, but the service times are few.

The load is small and it is not used frequently. If so, the price can be considered as an important consideration, which kind of double beam crane is cheap to buy, which can guarantee the use and save the cost of production. But this choice is limited to small load.

If your load is large and your valuables are highly loaded, you must never mind the price. The quality is absolutely the first!

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