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Features of the bridge crane
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Features of the bridge crane

The crane is suspended from a crane or a running hoist that can be run along the bridge, called a “bridge crane”. A bridge type crane that is directly supported on the elevated rail by the running device at both ends of the bridge is called a "bridge crane". The overhead crane is generally composed of a bridge with a large vehicle running mechanism, a lifting trolley equipped with a lifting mechanism and a trolley operating mechanism, electrical equipment, and a driver's cab. The shape is like a single-span slab bridge with two ends supported on two parallel overhead rails. The hoisting mechanism is used for vertical lifting and lifting, and the lifting trolley is used for lateral movement with load; the bridge and the cart running mechanism are used for longitudinally moving the lifting trolley and the article to achieve the span and the specified height. Used for handling and loading and unloading goods in three dimensions. Bridge cranes are the most widely used and most widely used type of orbital cranes with rated loads ranging from a few tons to hundreds of tons. The most basic form is the universal hook bridge crane, and other forms of bridge cranes are basically derived from the general hook bridge type.


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