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Explosion-proof electric hoist six test specific content
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Explosion-proof electric hoist six test specific content

Explosion-proof electric hoist due to the particularity of the application environment and the high requirements of its own safety, it must undergo a rigorous test before leaving the factory, for the explosion-proof electric hoist test content mainly type test, routine test, medium test, sampling test, Life test, resistance test, this is the test that each qualified explosion-proof electric hoist must carry out before leaving the factory.

Type test: Tests are carried out on explosion-proof electric hoists manufactured in accordance with a design requirement to verify that the design requirements meet certain specifications.

Routine test: also called factory test. Tests are performed on each device or device of an explosion-proof electric hoist during or after manufacture to determine whether a device or device meets a certain standard.

Medium test: It is a general term for various tests that test the electrical properties of dielectrics, including: insulation, static electricity, and pressure resistance.

Sampling test: It is used to test several randomly selected samples in an explosion-proof electric hoist to determine whether the sample meets a certain standard.

Life test: A test to determine the life of an explosion-proof electric hoist that may be achieved under specified conditions, or a test to evaluate the life characteristics of a product, is a destructive test.

Tolerance test: Under the specified conditions including certain operations taken for a certain purpose for a certain period of time, tests on explosion-proof electric hoists, such as repeated operation, short circuit, overvoltage, vibration, impact, etc., are destructive tests.

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