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double-trolley hook crane
- Sep 11, 2018 -

double-trolley hook crane

The double-trolley hook crane is also called double-beam double-trolley bridge crane. The working trolley is composed of a main trolley and a sub-trolley. The two cars can work at the same time, and can also carry out the lifting of the same cargo together. Complex actions such as flipping and mounting. At the same time, the two trolleys of the double-trolley hook crane can also be operated separately, which has the same function as an ordinary single-trolley bridge crane.

In actual engineering projects, there are often complex lifting conditions that require two bridge cranes to work together at the same time, such as lifting long cargo. For plants with similar requirements, at least two bridge cranes need to be installed, which will inevitably increase the construction cost of the plant. Double trolley bridge cranes can solve such problems. The plant only needs to install a double trolley crane to solve the problem that requires two cranes to solve.


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