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Cranes need to transform knowledge into intelligence
- Oct 08, 2018 -

There are many domestic crane manufacturers, and the production competition is becoming more and more fierce. If there are few manufacturers of multinational construction machinery that can be completed by a single commodity operation, it is said that the company must become stronger and stronger, and want to be in the international market. If you have a place, you should expand the scope of production, especially for those products with high market potential, which will continue to expand and improve, so that the company will continue to grow in development.

Cranes need to transform knowledge into intelligence

With the increasing demand for lifting machinery, the demand for equipment technology content is also increasing. At the critical moment of the corresponding battle and transformation, intelligent and high-end is the best future for crane development. To complete the intelligentization of goods, high-end intelligent equipment is indispensable. Intelligent instrumentation and intelligent sensors can be applied to the crane to help the crane to be intelligent.

The intelligentization of the starter is a powerful guarantee for the stability and safety of the lifting equipment. It can monitor various instrumentation equipment, its own working conditions, etc., and also record all relevant information in the work process, and then For the sake of their own doubts, adopt the relevant methods, and then complete the optimization of the device functions.

In the future, the intelligent lifting equipment will also have self-reporting ability and self-correction ability, which can save the user time for maintenance, reduce maintenance cost, reduce machine rate and increase production power.


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