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Crane safety protection device and function
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Crane safety protection device and function

1. Overload limiter When the crane's suspension load exceeds the rated value, the crane action stops and an accident due to overloading is never avoided.

2. The torque limiter torque limiter consists of a load detector, an arm length detector, an angle detector, a working condition selector and a microcomputer. When the crane enters the working state, the detection signal of each parameter of the actual working state is input into the computer, and after calculation, amplification and processing, it is compared with the rated lifting torque value previously stored, and the corresponding actual numerical value is displayed on the display at the same time. come out.

3. The working principle of the buffer buffer is that if a single crane's cart (or trolley) accidentally rushes to the end of the rail stroke, the buffer can be at the same level of the end of the rail end stop (another safety device ) Interaction; if two cranes in the same span track collide, the buffers located opposite the metal structure of the two cranes act.

4. Wind-proof and non-slip safety device This is a safety device that prevents open-work cranes from sliding along the track under the action of strong winds. The outdoor-mounted rail-mounted cranes should be installed.

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