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Components of industrial crane
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Components of industrial crane

There are many types of cranes, but their main components include lifting mechanisms, operating mechanisms, luffing mechanisms and turning mechanisms, and metal structures. Some cranes also have special working devices that perform certain process operations, such as clamps for clamp cranes.

The hoisting mechanism is the most basic working mechanism of the crane, mostly consisting of a rigging system and a winch, but also lifting and lowering heavy objects through a hydraulic system. Hanging systems are generally composed of wire ropes, pulley blocks, and spreaders. Hangers are the most common spreaders. The winch can be placed on the lifting trolley, or on the metal structure of the crane or on the nearby foundation. Lifting the weight by lifting and unwinding the wire rope can sometimes use the electric hoist or the manual hoist as the lifting mechanism. Some cranes also have auxiliary lifting mechanisms to lift lighter items or perform auxiliary operations.

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