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Analysis of Common Damage Causes of Crane Hooks
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Analysis of Common Damage Causes of Crane Hooks

In the use of crane hook group, from the appearance of visible damage to the ring form, often crane hook mouth wear and the pulley rim broken.

The wear of the hook opening is a normal phenomenon. The main reason is that when the weight is lifted, it is necessary to adjust the center of gravity on its own, forcing the wire rope or the spreader to wear at the hook opening.

The breakage of the rim of the pulley is mainly caused by a collision, because the hook group does not rise to the necessary height, the vehicle is not stable or the yaw is pulled obliquely, and the heavy object snaking has a strong swing to cause the pulley to collide with other objects. On the other hand, the driver violated the operating rules, did not check the lifting condition of the limit switch, did not pay attention to the lifting condition of the hook, and caused the hook to “get in heaven”, causing the loss of the pulley.

Hidden dangers that are not easily occurred in the hook group are often the bottom diameter of the tail thread of the hook or the empty sipe between the thread and the shaft. Cracks occur due to stress concentration. During inspection and maintenance, the hook nut should be removed to clean the dirt on the top and carefully check it carefully. Also check the bolts of the hook nut and the hook, or the parts of other connection methods, for looseness or being cut off, so as to prevent the hook from falling off on its own. Also check the corrosion of the hook nut on the tail of the hook and apply grease if necessary.

The insulating mats, insulating sleeves, etc. on the insulating hook group shall not be broken, and they shall be inspected frequently to eliminate dust in time and dry immediately after being wet. Lubrication points and hinge points should be regularly greased, and the thrust bearing under the hook nut should be regularly refueled.


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