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100m retractable cable reel
- Mar 06, 2018 -

100m retractable cable reel


100M Retractable Cable Reel is widely used in the need to move the cable ofthe power supply and can auto mati coiling and release,and mobile device syn chronized operation of me chani cal loading Buy.Such as lifting electromagnet,slab clamp,hydraulic grab,electric scooter,portmachinery,material piling and taking machine,gantry crane and other Juki,etc.


The reel is divided into :the aspring reel and the electric reel

The spring reel is divided into: the windpipe reel and the cable drum

The electric reel is divided into: the radial single row winding cable reel and the single layer

winding cable drum

100M Retractable Cable Reel : Spring - driven cable reel and motor driven cable reel

100M Retractable Cable Reel is divided into two categories, which are non electric and electric type

according to the driving form.

According to the cable arrangement, it is divided into two kinds of axial single row and axial

multi row.

According to the position of the collector ring, it can be divided into two forms, the inner of

the slip ring and the outer ring of the slip ring.

It is divided into cable reel and hose reel according to the winding material.

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