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10 advantages of european style cranes
- Sep 30, 2018 -

10 advantages of european style cranes

1, select high-quality components, crane reliability is higher

2. Multiple measures to ensure reliable operation of material handling.

3, speed expansion function to help efficient material handling, to achieve accurate load control.

4, classic upgrade, more intelligent features to help efficient production.

5, synchronous lifting, centralized control

6, the maximum span of European cranes up to 85 meters

7. It has been favored and recognized by the industry for many years.

8, a variety of high-quality spreaders and weighing systems to help reliable material handling

9, reliable and durable electrical components, durable

The appearance of domestic cranes looks like a small difference between European cranes. In fact, it is just a form and structure. The internal structure and quality are still quite different. European cranes are generally divided into general grab cranes, bridge cranes, and explosion-proof electric cranes. Electromagnet cranes, etc.

For the time being, European-style cranes are basically used in China: electricity, military, chemical, smelting, automobile, aviation, machine and so on. They are used less in chemical industry and smelting, and are prominent in the automotive and aerospace military fields. Precision Machining.

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