Overhead Hoist Low Head Room Hoist

Overhead Hoist Low Head Room Hoist

overhead hoist low head room hoist

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overhead hoist low head room hoist

1. overhead hoist low head room hoist

1. The best clearance height is 200~500mm higher than ordinary CD hoist.

2. Excellent three-in-one transmission technology. The lifting speed reducer is made of high-quality alloy steel, three-stage deceleration, stable operation, long service life, reliable performance, and avoids many shortcomings of the long-distance transmission of the intermediate shaft of the CD hoist.

3. The motor is a new self-cooling cone type motor specially designed. The outer shell of the motor is cast of aluminum alloy material with good heat dissipation performance. The motor insulation class is class F and the protection class is IP54, which is one grade higher than that of ordinary motors.

4. The electrical components are world-class Schneider products. Components such as large-capacity contactors are used to control the connection of the switch to the motor and the electrical components. The quick plug is used to make the installation on the site faster. The cables of the external parts of the hoist are all protected by PE bellows. , to ensure reliable cable connections.

5, according to user requirements: hoist operation, lifting single or double speed or frequency conversion stepless speed control, remote control operation, overload protection, motor overheat protection and other functions.

6, compact structure, beautiful appearance, with many unique innovations.

7, the entire structure is easy to disassemble, install, easy maintenance, good maintainability.

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