Mobile Steel-wire Electric Hoist

Mobile Steel-wire Electric Hoist

The electric hoist has a compact structure. The electric hoist with the axis of the motor perpendicular to the axis of the drum adopts a worm gear. The disadvantages are: large length dimensions, large dimensions in width, coarse structure, low mechanical efficiency, and difficult processing. The hydraulic system is dual controlled. The overflow regulating valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department uses low-voltage control to increase the security of the control system.

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mobile steel-wire electric hoist

main feature

The advantage of the wire rope electric hoist is that the length is small and the electric motor is mounted on the electric hoist inside the drum.

Structure and characteristics: The machine adopts an electromechanical design, the replacement of different molds, you can suppress the different specifications of the wire rope, control is simple and safe. The main disadvantages are poor motor thermal conditions, poor grouping performance, convenient inspection, installation and maintenance of the motor, and complex power supply devices. The electric hoist with electric axis parallel to the axis of the drum has advantages of small height and length. The disadvantages are large width dimensions, poor grouping, and complex manufacturing and assembly.

Classification and Description of Wire Rope Electric Hoist The components of the wire rope electric hoist are: motor, transmission mechanism, reel and sprockets. The motor and reel can be roughly divided into four types depending on their position. The pressed steel wire rope has large pulling force, beautiful appearance, and fastness. It can be completed in just a few minutes by crimping a steel wire rope, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

The electric hoist installed on the outside of the drum has the advantages of good grouping, high degree of generalization, easy to change the height of lifting, and convenient device inspection.



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