Electronic Wire Rope Concert Hoist

Electronic Wire Rope Concert Hoist

electronic wire rope concert hoist

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electronic wire rope concert hoist

1. Working condition of electronic wire rope concert hoist

Ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Work System: Intermediate JC25%

Heavy: JC40%

When the hoisting capacity of the electric hoist of the intermediate working system is reduced by 30%, it is a heavy duty working system JC40% electric hoist.

Heavy-duty work system JC40% electric hoist is used in heavy work, the load is often in the rated value or the required safety factor is high. Electric hoist structure reducer: The use of three-stage fixed shaft helical gear rotation mechanism, gear and gear shaft made of heat-treated alloy steel, box, box cover made of high quality cast iron, tight assembly, good sealing. The reducer is a self-contained part that is extremely easy to load and unload.

Control box: It adopts the device that can cut off the main circuit in case of emergency, and has the up and down stroke protection fire stop. Ensure the safe operation of the electric hoist. Electrical components have long life and reliable use.

Wire Rope: The GB1102-74(6*37+1)X type lifting rope is used to ensure durability.

Conical motor: The hoist motor adopts a conical rotor brake asynchronous motor with large starting torque, and no external brake is required. The motor load continuation rate is 25%. The motor uses Class B or Class F insulation and the motor protection class is IP44/IP54.

Button switch: Hand operation is light and flexible, sub-rope operation and wireless remote control are two ways.

2. Show of electronic wire rope concert hoist


3. Applications of electronic wire rope concert hoist


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