Electrical Hoist

Electrical Hoist

Electrical hoist can be mounted on single beam overhead crane,gantry cranes, jib type CD, electricalhoist as onlyone normal speed which can satisfy normal application .

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electrical hoist

1.Brief introduction of electrical hoist

Electrical hoist can be mounted on single beam overhead crane,gantry cranes, jib type CD, electricalhoist as onlyone 

normal speed which can satisfy normal application . It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage area and shops, etc. greatly raising working efficiency and improving working conditions. 

2. Classification of electrical hoist



3.Safety features of electrical hoist

1. Weight overload protection device

2. Lifting height limit device 
3. Voltage lower protection function 
4. Phase sequence protection function 
5. Emergency stop function 
6. Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle 
7. Warming indicator, flashing lights and warming sound 
8. Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion


4. Packing and delivery of electrical hoist

packing and delivery.jpg

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