Electric Cable Hoist

Electric Cable Hoist

electric cable hoist

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electric cable hoist

1. electric cable hoist introduction

electric cable hoist working conditions:

1, the altitude does not exceed 1000m. The ambient air temperature is -25°C~+40°C. The relative humidity of the ambient air does not exceed 85% (+25°C) and there is no corrosive gas. It is not suitable to lift high-temperature or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.

2. The rated voltage of the power supply is 380V and the rated frequency is 50Hz.

3, from the weight: 16-100T large tonnage electric hoist.

4, lifting height: 9m ~ 96m.

  5, type: can be divided into run, fixed.

2. electric cable hoist images


3. Detailed parts of electric cable hoist


3. Techncial data of electric cable hoist

technical data.png

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