Elctrical Screw Hoist 14 Ton

Elctrical Screw Hoist 14 Ton

elctrical screw hoist 14 ton

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elctrical screw hoist 14 ton

1. elctrical screw hoist 14 ton description

elctrical screw hoist 14 ton are improved products based on the original CD and MD models. It is compact, lightweight, safe, reliable, parts common degree, interchangeability, heavy load lifting capacity, easy maintenance and other characteristics, is widely used, popular light lifting equipment.

The hoist has two types of fixed and trolley type. Fixed-type fixed foot is divided into "A1, A2, A3, A4" in different positions of upper, lower, left and right, and can be directly installed on the framework; the trolley type has a running function and can be installed on the track. CD1 type For single-speed lifts, the MD1 is rated for both constant-speed and slow-speed lifting.

The company mainly produces load 0.25t ~ 30t, from the height of 4m ~ 30m series electric hoist, but also according to your needs to design, manufacture non-standard series electric hoist.

2 main uses

The hoist can be mounted on various types of cranes or suspended on I-beams. The weights can be reciprocated on a straight or curved line. The fixed hoist can be mounted on a fixed support for vertical or different angle hoisting. .

This product is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses, stockyards and other places, is the necessary machinery to improve labor conditions and improve labor efficiency in the current production operations.

2. Techncial data of elctrical screw hoist 14 ton

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3. Product images show of elctrical screw hoist 14 ton


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