Cd Electric Hoist

Cd Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is a light equipment for lifting,which is welcomed by Industrial and mining enterprise, railways, docks, warehouses

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CD electric hoist

1. Advantages of cd electric hoist

Working temperature: -25°~40°.

Power source: 3ph, 380v, 50HZ or other under customer requirement.

Working duty: A5-A7

Control model: cabin room, remote control and both

2. Advanced technical of cd electric hoist

1. Compact, light weight, safe and reliable 

2. Components and parts apply used universally, strong compatibility

3. High lifting capacity, easy maintenance

4. Easy operation, accurate lifting steady operation

3. Applications of cd electric hoist

1. The electric hoist is widely used in lifting heavy weight or installed in a single beam cranes, linear, curve strander


2. The electric hoist can also be used to the hoist double beam, gourd gantry crane or Cantilever crane

3. Electric hoist is a light equipment for lifting,which is welcomed by Industrial and mining  enterprise, railways, docks, 


4. Product show of cd electric hoist

product images.jpg

5.  Workshop show of cd electric hoist


6.      Packing of cd electric hoist


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