4 Wheel Rope Block And Tackle Pulley Hoist

4 Wheel Rope Block And Tackle Pulley Hoist

4 wheel rope block and tackle pulley hoist

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4 wheel rope block and tackle pulley hoist

The features and advantages of the 4 wheel rope block and tackle pulley hoist:

    1, the best headroom.

    2. Excellent three-in-one transmission technology. The lifting speed reducer is made of high-quality alloy steel, three-stage deceleration, stable operation, long service life, reliable performance, and avoids many shortcomings of the long-distance transmission of the intermediate shaft of the CD hoist.

    3, the motor has excellent overall performance.

    4, exquisite structure, beautiful appearance, with many unique innovations:

    (1) There is no external leakage cable for the hoist body, and the cables are arranged in the inside of the hoist through various means to make the appearance of the hoist more beautiful; for example, the supporting shaft is a hollow thick-walled steel pipe under the premise of ensuring the use of strength. Reduce the overall weight of the electric hoist, and through it to achieve the cable through the left and right parts of the hoist.

    (2) The gourd has a compact structure and the counterweight is a counterweight box type. The user can add various kinds of scrap steel or stone materials, save the steel, and at the same time reduce the size of the outer shape compared to the counterweight-type low headroom electric hoist;

    (3) When the hoist runs, the driving wheels on both sides transmit torque through a six-sided steel, transmitting torque, high reliability, avoiding the situation of flat key shear failure, and this kind of transmission is also very beneficial to the running part of the hoist. Installation adjustment;

    (4) The main part of the lifting host is a square type welding structure with bolt holes on all four sides. The utility model has high versatility and can be quickly changed into a fixed type or suspension trolley type electric hoist, and can be roped out in a 360° direction.

    5, the entire structure is easy to disassemble, install, easy maintenance, good maintainability.

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