Workshop Overhead Crane 50 Ton

Workshop Overhead Crane 50 Ton

1. Workshop overhead crane 50 ton workshop overhead crane 50 ton mainly consists of main beam, hook trolley, Crane traveling mechanism, cabin and electric controlling system, etc. Foundry crane is one of the main equipment in the continuous casting technology of steel making. It is mainly used...

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1. Workshop overhead crane 50 ton

The basic structure of the crane is the same as the electromagnetic crane, with a detachable lifting electromagnet and electric grab. The hoisting hook can be used to hoist the whole goods according to the needs, and an electric grab can be hung on the hook to load and unload the bulk material, and the grab can be suspended and hoisting heavy electromagnet to lift the black metal. This kind of Anhui crane is suitable for lifting various kinds of goods that are frequently changed and with low productivity. At present, the domestic crane has 5, 10 and 15/3t three kinds, the working system is heavy or A6-A7.

2. Technical data of workshop overhead crane 50 ton 

The hoisting bridge type crane belongs to the general bridge crane of the car. The crane depends on the longitudinal movement along the direction of the supporting track on the beam of the factory building, the lateral movement of the car and the lifting of the hook to realize the working process, the commonly used lifting weight is 5-50t, and the work level is A5-A7 grade. There are three ways of operation for users to choose from: ground control, control room control and remote control. The A5 level is suitable for general mechanical processing and assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, mechanical maintenance workshops, and so on. A6 and A7 are suitable for frequent or continuous production or continuous handling occasions, and can also be used as metallurgical and casting workshops for lifting; the ambient temperature is at -20-40 C, relative humidity is less than 85%; and the A7 class weight is less than 50t It can be used for lifting the molten metal in the metallurgical and foundry workshop with the environment temperature of -20~60 C in the case of meeting the requirements of the crane (No. 375) of the quality inspection office [No. 2007]. The crane should be marked for outdoor use so as to match the rain protection device. Advantages: high level of work, stability, safety, low failure rate, and speed parameters can be changed according to user requirements. Disadvantages: the order period is long, the price is high, the external dimension is relatively large, and the installation size of the workshop is relatively large.

The specification of this product is as follows:

(1) ground manipulation

Example: lifting weight: 20t, span: 19.5m, lifting height 10m, working level A5: QD2019.510DA5.

(2) operation room control (separate control room KS and closed control room BS).

Example: lifting weight: main hook 32t, auxiliary hook 5T span: 22.5m, lifting height 9m, working level A6, opening control room manipulation representation method: QD32/522.59KSA6.

(3) remote control manipulation


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