Overhead Crane Price 5 Ton

Bridge cranes generally consist of bridges (also known as carts). Lifting mechanism, trolleys, carts moving agencies, operating room, trolley conductive devices (auxiliary slide lines), cranes main power conductive devices (main slip line) and other components. Bridge

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overhead crane price 5 ton

A bridge-type crane, also known as a crane, running on an elevated track. The bridge crane's bridge runs longitudinally along the rails laid on both sides of the elevated platform. The lifting trolley travels along the track laid on the bridge to form a rectangular working area. It can fully utilize the space under the bridge to lift materials. Obstructed by ground equipment. This crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and open storage yards.

Lifting capacity

The lifting weight, also known as the rated lifting weight, refers to the maximum lifting load actually allowed by the crane in tons (t).

Bridge cranes are available in 5,10 (single hook), 15/3, 20/5, 30/5, 50/lO, 75/20, 100/20, 125/20, 150/30, 200/30, 250/30t (double hook) and many other. The number of molecules in the figure is the weight of the hook and the denominator is the weight of the hook. For example, the 15t/3t crane means that the rated lifting weight of the main hook is 15t, and the rated lifting weight of the auxiliary hook is 3t.

Bridge cranes can be divided into three levels according to the weight, 5 ~ lOt for small cranes, lO ~ 50t for medium cranes, 50t for heavy cranes.


The span of a bridge crane is the distance between the centerlines of the wheels at the two ends of the main beam of the crane, that is, the distance between the centerlines of the railcars, measured in meters (m).

Bridge crane spans 10.5, 13.5, 16.5, 19.5, 22.5, 25.5, 28.5, 31.5m, etc. Every 3m is a grade.

Lift height

The distance between the upper limit position and the lower limit position of a crane's spreader or gripping device (eg, grab, electromagnetic chuck) is called the lifting height of the crane and is measured in meters (m).

The lifting heights commonly used for cranes are 12, 16, 12/14, 12/18, 16/18, 19/21, 20/22, 21/23, 22/26, 24/26m and so on. Among them, the main hook lifts the height, and the denominator lifts the height of the sub hook.



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