Overhead Crane General Industrial Equipment

Single Girder Overhead Crane sometimes also be called bridge cranes and eot cranes, which are cranes with a hoist or winch traveling along the bridge between parallel runways.

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overhead crane general industrial equipment

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Beam crane is a kind of crane, which has the characteristics of lifting machinery. It is a kind of machine for circulation and intermittent movement. A work cycle includes: the fetching device starts from the place to pick up the goods, then moves horizontally to the designated place to drop the goods, then carries on the reverse movement, causes the extraction device to return to the original position, in order to carry on the next cycle.

Working institutions

The working institutions include the lifting mechanism, the operating mechanism, the amplitude variable mechanism and the rotating mechanism, which are known as the four major mechanisms of the crane.

Lifting mechanism is a mechanism for vertical lifting of materials, and is an indispensable part of any crane. So it is the most important and basic mechanism of cranes.

The operation mechanism is a mechanism for carrying out horizontal conveying material by running a crane or lifting car. There are two parts of trackless operation and rail operation. According to their driving mode, they are divided into self driving and traction type.

The variable amplitude mechanism is a special working mechanism for the jib crane. The amplitude change mechanism is changed by changing the length and elevation of the arm.

The rotating mechanism is to make the arm frame revolving around the vertical axis of the crane and move the material in the annular space. The crane is used to carry the material through a single movement of an organization or a combination of multiple mechanisms.




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