Overhead Crane For Hot Sale

Overhead Crane For Hot Sale

Overhead crane are widely used in mine, warehouse, workshop and factory site, it is very convenient for lifting and material handling; improve the working efficiency and save much labor cost during production; the working environment is below 40 degree up to 60 degree. working duty is A3-A5.

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Product Details

overhead crane for hot sale

Product Features:

Application: It is widely used in industrial and mining company,warehouse,workshop,material stocks and other places need lifting weight.

Lifting capacity from 16 ton -600 ton,span from 10.5m to 33m,lifting height 6m to 20m.Working system:A3-A8 structure is simple,easy to handle.Applies to the open warehouse or rail along for general handling and lifting work.

Stander: It is a small light crane which designed and manufactured according to GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.2-2000 based on HB or BCD type electric hoist for lifting mechanism,machine running on two tracks of the crane.

Single or double girder overhead crane parts:

Shell structure:main girder,end girder

Travelling mechanism: crane travelling,trolley travelling

Electrical mechanism: motor,gearbox,limit switch,etc




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