Overhead Crane Details

A beam crane, a crane, is a crane consisting of a bridge and a heavy lifting trolley. It is used to carry goods in a workshop or workshop. It is used to lift goods on different occasions such as factories, warehouses and material fields, and it is forbidden to be used in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

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overhead crane details

Product Features:

What aspects should be checked for the tripping of the total circuit breaker of the bridge type crane:

1, check whether there are serious leakage and short circuit in the lower end of the circuit breaker.

2. Check whether the rated current or setting current of the circuit breaker is too small. After an hour, a suitable circuit breaker or resetting the current value should be replaced.

3, check the breaker mechanism is damaged, when the damage is changed in time.

4, check whether the motor is damaged or not.

The reason for the jumping of the main hook after the bridge crane is started:

1. The main hook motor is burned.

2. The cable to the main hook motor is to the ground or short circuit.

3, the power supply is short of phase.

4, a variety of reasons caused by the motor plugging, resulting in a larger current.

The reason that the rise and fall of the hook is slower than that of the normal movement:

1, carbon brush fire serious.

2, the circuit of resistance is open.

3. Improper adjustment of brake or abnormal oil pump.

4. The time relay is abnormal.

5, motor bearings or reducer and other mechanical problems.

6.Whether the delay contactor is normal.






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