70ton Double Beam Overhead Crane

70ton Double Beam Overhead Crane

A beam crane, a crane, is a crane consisting of a bridge and a heavy lifting trolley. It is used to carry goods in a workshop or workshop. It is used to lift goods on different occasions such as factories, warehouses and material fields, and it is forbidden to be used in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

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70ton double beam overhead crane

Product Features:

Precautions for inspection and maintenance

1, brake nut adjustment, clockwise rotation nut, can reduce the motor axial movement, otherwise it will increase channeling, each turn 1/3 circle, axial movement, adjust 0.5mm accordingly.

2. No dust, oil, etc. between the brake surfaces

3. Between the rope plate and the rope guide, we must ensure that there are two rings of wire rope.

4. When the wire rope on the electric hoist is truncated or the new rope is replaced, the limiter must be readjusted.

5, when the wire rope is buckled or loosened, the guide rope should be dismantled. It is not allowed to continue rolling the drum. After the guide rope is reassembled, the wire rope should be passed through the center of the rope slot and must not be rubbed against the side of the slot.

6. When replacing the severely worn brake ring, the burr from the old ring should be eliminated and the new rubber ring is added in the new rubber ring to embed. Safety precautions for single beam crane:

1). When overhauling, the charge should be unloaded, the power supply is cut off and the "forbidden card" should be hung, and the hook should not be suspended in the air.

2). When overhauling and maintaining in the high altitude operation, the safety belt should be fastened and the illegal operation is strictly prohibited.

3). There must be a guardian in the work of high altitude.


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