50ton Overhead Crane Price

A beam crane, a crane, is a crane consisting of a bridge and a heavy lifting trolley. It is used to carry goods in a workshop or workshop. It is used to lift goods on different occasions such as factories, warehouses and material fields, and it is forbidden to be used in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

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50ton overhead crane price

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Precautions for operation of bridge crane

1, before the driver starts to work, he must carefully inspect the sling and ropes used for driving. He can't make clear the suspending tools and ropes that are suspicious.

2, non - driving workers are strictly forbidden to drive.

3, the driving workers should stick to their posts, strictly prohibit off and string posts. In operation, the operators must concentrate their energy and strictly prohibit the distraction activities such as eating and doing private work in the work position.

4, hanging walking, should be the first whistle, the height should not exceed one meter across the pedestrians in the head, is strictly prohibited, prohibited hanging work to do other work by driving. In the case of incorrect use of driving, the crane should be rejected.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the air for a long time after lifting the weight of the weight, for example, effective protection measures must be taken for special needs.

6, running, not completely stop strictly to turn back to the road close to the rail ends do not open too fast, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents at a distance of deviance, orbit in two meters of parking, the operation should concentrate on and around, the electric hoist can not start.

7, the various types of protection must be good and reliable, such as parking and power failure, to ensure timely treatment. 8, in one of the following cases, the crane has the right to refuse to be suspended.

(1) overloading of hanger;

(2) unidentified command of the signal;

(3) hanging above the station;

(4) the hanger is not fastened;

(5) hoisting objects are connected to or buried in the ground with other objects.

(6) with a rope and belt tied hanging.


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