15 Tons Overhead Crane

Electric Hoist Crane 2 tons is consisting of the beam, electric hoist, long travelling mechanism, cabin or hand controller,and electrical control system. The electric hoist can move horizontally on the rail fitted under a beam.This type crane holds many characters of light structure, easy to install and maintain, which is typically used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications, where efficiency or downtime are critical factors, for instance, plants, warehouses, or material stocks. The beam adopts the whole type without welding, which structure is more reasonable and reliable.

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15 tons overhead crane

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Ordinary bridge crane is mainly driven by electricity, usually in the driver's room, but also remote control.Lifting weight up to 500 tons, span up to 60 meters.For the convenience of installation and adjustment, universal coupling is often used in the driving device of the ordinary bridge crane with large lifting weight.Crane operating mechanism is generally only 4 active and driven wheels, if the lifting weight is very large, commonly used to increase the wheel way to reduce the wheel pressure.When the number of wheels exceeds 4, a hinged equalizing frame device must be used to evenly distribute the load of the crane on each wheel.

Simple girder bridge type also known as beam crane, its structure is similar to the ordinary bridge crane.Lifting weight, span and working speed are small.The main girder of the bridge is a simple beam with a cross section composed of i-beam or other shaped steel and plate steel. The lifting trolley is equipped with a hand-pulled hoist or electric hoist, which generally runs on the lower flange of i-beam.The bridge can run along the track on the viaduct, also can run along the track suspended below the viaduct, this kind of crane is called suspended beam crane.





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