10t Monorail Overhead Crane

A bridge crane running on elevated tracks is also called overhead travelling crane. The bridge frame of the bridge crane runs along the orbits on both sides of the overhead frame, and the hoisting trolley runs along the track on the bridge and forms a rectangular working range. It can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift the material and not be hindered by the ground equipment. This crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, wharfs and open storage yard.

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10t monorail overhead crane

Main beam structure

1. The main girder adopts European box girder mechanism design, with light weight and reasonable structure;

2, the entire board production, no butt welds, more spliced than the main beam.

3, the vertical deflection is 1/800, the web crest is cut by CNC cutting the entire board, with high precision.

4, using submerged arc welding, non-destructive testing. Overall shot blasting after welding, stress relief, rust removal, Sa2.5 level

5, steel plate material is Q235B; zinc-rich epoxy paint, thickness 120μm,

End beam section

1. The end beam is made of rectangular steel pipe.

2. The end beam is in the form of a boring hole. The CNC boring and milling machine is used to position and process once to ensure the dimensional accuracy and the matching tolerance.

3, Each end beam is equipped with double rim wheels, buffers and anti-track protection devices, which are safe and secure.

4. The main beam and the end beam are connected by high-strength bolts of grade 10.9 to ensure the structural strength and precision of the whole machine.

5, end beam material: S355J2G3/EN10025 (Fe52D, equivalent to the Chinese standard 16Mn);

Lifting mechanism

1, The unique C-type low headroom structure effectively increases the lifting space by 1 meter.

2, motor + brake + gearbox + limit switch four-in-one integrated design, compact structure

3, side-mounted flexible drive system

4, all transmission mechanism adopts direct input and output mode without coupling, high transmission efficiency, high assembly precision, and maintenance-free.

5, working class A5, protection class IP55, class H insulation. Dust and waterproof, improve safety levels.



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