80ton Crane Double Beam Overhead Crane

A bridge crane with grab as a spreader can carry out unloading, stacking, reverse loading, picking and loading operations in raw material preparation. Grab bridge cranes are widely used for hoisting and loading of common goods in various factories and mines. Special hoisting devices are used for special operations.

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80ton crane double beam overhead crane

Brief introduction:


1) The QZ type grab bridge crane is a kind of heavy duty overhead crane to grab and load coal, ash, coal gangue and other bulk goods and materials. 
2) This grab bridge crane is widely used in freight port, river wharf, power plants, concrete mixing station, industrial and mining enterprises. 
3) The grab bridge crane consists of Main Girder, End Carriage, Lifting Trolley, grab bucket and Electrical Parts. Generally, the power supply System for trolley and crane are festoon system and Bus Bar system.


1. Heavy Duty and High Efficient
2. Suitable for any environment ( High Temperature, Explosion Proof and so on)
3. Long Life Span: 30-50years. 
4. Easy for Installation and maintenance. 
5. Reliable structure




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