1ton Monorail Hoist Crane Price

A bridge crane with grab as a spreader can carry out unloading, stacking, reverse loading, picking and loading operations in raw material preparation. Grab bridge cranes are widely used for hoisting and loading of common goods in various factories and mines. Special hoisting devices are used for special operations.

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1ton monorail hoist crane price

Grab bridge cranes are mainly composed of box bridge, grab car, cart operation mechanism, driver's cab and electric control system. The extract device is a grab that can grab bulk material. Grab bridge crane has opening and closing mechanism and lifting mechanism. The grab is suspended on the opening and closing mechanism and lifting mechanism by four wire ropes. The opening and closing mechanism drives the grab to close, and grabs the material. When the opening of the bucket is closed, the lifting mechanism is started immediately, so that the four ropes are lifted under the average load. When the material is discharged, only the opening and closing mechanism is started, and the opening of the bucket opens and tilts the material. Except for lifting mechanism of grab crane, other structural parts are basically the same as hook type overhead traveling crane.

In order to ensure the safety of the crane, the railing armrest is set up, the height of the railing is 1050mm, the distance is 350mm, the two horizontal bar is set up, the base of the fence is set up with a height of 70mm, the overhead light is set in the bridge, the insulated rubber and door switch is set in the driver's room, the protective cover is set in all the transmission parts, and the safety switches are also set in the various railings. The terminal of the stroke is provided with stop gear, and the sliding line is provided with a hook rack.




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