LH Model Double Girder Overhead Crane

LH model double girder overhead crane (bridge crane, EOT crane) is applied in open warehouse or rail sideways to conduct common loading unloading and material handling works. It is a heavy duty type overhead crane that satisfy frequenty using.

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Brief Introduction of overhead crane: 

Double Beam Overhead Crane Cable is also ideal where high speeds and heavy service are required.

They are highly suitable where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways,crane lights, cabs, magnet

cable reels or other special equipment.

This overhead crane(bridge crane, EOT crane) is composed of bridge, travelling mechanisms, trolley, electric equipment. The bridge frame adopts box welded structure, the crane travelling mechanism adopts separate drive withe motor and speed reducer. All mechanism are controlled in driver's cabin. Power supply adopts cable festoon and sliding wire, select one when ordering..


LD model single girder overhead crane is one kind of light duty crane, It is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole. Used together with CD1 model, MD1 model, HC model electric hoist as a complete set,it is widely used in plants,warehouses,materials stocks to lift goods or materials.It is prohibited to use this equipment in the combustible,explosive and corrosive environment.



• Environmental friendly

• Lower cost and maintenance

• Long using time up to 50 years

• Stable and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade

• Fast construction, time saving and labor saving

• Good appearance




The steel workshop warehouse building is widely used for

• workshop plant

• warehouse

• office building

• steel shed

• aircraft hangar etc.



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