20 Ton Electric Overhead Crane

1. 20 ton electric overhead crane 20 ton electric overhead crane with hook is the widely used hoisting machinery currently.It is mainly comprised of box-shap bridge,crane crab,trolley travelling mechanism and electric control system.The load handing device is the hook.On the girder laid rails...

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1. 20 ton electric overhead crane

20 ton electric overhead crane with hook is the widely used hoisting machinery 

currently.It is mainly comprised of box-shap bridge,crane crab,trolley travelling 

mechanism and electric control system.The load handing device is the hook.On the 

girder laid rails for crane crab to transversely move.The girder is weld with the box-

shaped end girder.At the middle of the end girder are joints which are fastened with bolts for fragmented transportation of bridges.The platform is used to place trolley 

travelling mechanism,electric equipment and used for repair.

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