Electric Overhead Crane 5ton

A beam crane, a crane, is a crane consisting of a bridge and a heavy lifting trolley. It is used to carry goods in a workshop or workshop. It is used to lift goods on different occasions such as factories, warehouses and material fields, and it is forbidden to be used in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

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electric overhead crane 5ton

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Use note:

(1) Each crane must hang up the rated weight of the sign in the obvious place.

(2) In the work, there are no people or hooks on the bridge.

(3) No operation license and drunk driving are not allowed.

(4) The operation must be concentrated, not allowed to talk, to smoke or to do irrelevant things.

(5) The car should be clean; no place equipment, tools, flammable, explosive and dangerous goods. (6) the crane does not allow the use of Superload.

(7) The following conditions: don't lift rickety bundle; work overload; signal unknown; cable-stayed; buried in the ground or frozen objects; people hanging objects; no safety protection measures for flammable, explosive and dangerous goods; a liquid filled wire rope does not meet safety; use requirements; lifting mechanism failure.

(8) When the crane runs on a line without obstacles, the hook or hanger and the bottom of the crane must be above 2m above the ground. If you cross the obstacle, you must exceed the height of the obstacle 0.5m.




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