U Type Double Girder Gantry Crane With Hook Cap

U model subway double beam door crane for subway construction is a special gantry crane which is developedon the basis of general gantry crane according to the requirements and working conditions of underground construction.

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1.U Type double girder gantry crane is applied to general materials handling service in outdoor freight yard or along railway lines ,such as loading ,unloading ,lifting and transferring work.

2.As there is more space under legs of gantry crane ,it's fit for conveying larger products.

3.Saddle support isn't needed for u type gantry crane . so overall height of crane is reduced given certain lift height.

U model subway double beam door crane for subway construction is a special gantry crane which is 

developedon the basis of general gantry crane according to the requirements and working conditions 

of underground construction.


The subway door crane consists of crab trolley, gantry, trolley traveling mechanism, hydraulic turnover 

mechanism, crab(On the crab is furnished a hydraulic turnover mechanism, which is composed of 

a hydraulic work station and a slag-turning hook) and electric equipment.

It is offen using cabin control due to its big capacity, if the working frequency is high, cable control is 

more convenience.



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