Rtg Gantry Crane

rtg gantry crane

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rtg gantry crane

1. Introduction of rtg gantry crane

rtg gantry crane is a large loading machine widely used for open material handling. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity, large working space, high utilization rate of freight yard area, less capital construction investment and low running cost. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial and mining, transportation, transportation, engineering construction and other fields.

The crane is composed of bridge, running mechanism of big car, car and electrical equipment. The bridge frame adopts a box welding structure, and the running mechanism of the big car is driven separately. All the mechanisms are manipulated indoors. The electric conduction form of the crane is divided into two kinds of cable and sliding contact line.

2. Technical data of rtg gantry crane


3. Image of rtg gantry crane


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