Outside Gantry Crane

outside gantry crane

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outside gantry crane

1. Introduction of outside gantry crane

outside gantry crane it is widely used in plants, factory, workshop, warehouses, materials stocks to lift goods or materials.

This kind of Crane is available for general service, such as loading, unloading, lifting and transferring work in outdoor yards of the factory or on railways, also works as container crane matching special hang parts. The capacity is from 10 to 50 tons, span is from 18 to 32 m, the working class is medium & heavy grade.

1. Crane traveling limit switch

2. Weight overload protection device

3. Lifting height limit device

4. Voltage lower protection function

5. Phase sequence protection function

6. Emergency stop function

7. Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle.

8. Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound.

9. Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion

2. Technical data of outside gantry crane


3. Image of outside gantry crane



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