Gantry Crane 30t

gantry crane 30t

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gantry crane 30t

1. gantry crane 30t introduction

gantry crane 30t used together with CD MD Model electrical hoists.It is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane. Its proper lifting weight is 2 to 30 tons, its proper span is 12 to 35 meters, its proper working temperature is -33°C to 50°C It has 3 controlling methods: Handle cable + Remote control + Overhead control room .




1).Power source is three-phase alternating current,rated frequency is 50Hz, rated Voltage is 220-690V.

2).The altitude height of site is ought to be less than 3000m.

3).Flammable,explosive and corrosive gas are forbidden in the work environment.

4).The crane is forbidden to lift fuse and blend deleterious article and flammable explosive article.

We design and manufacture custom-built cranes according to customer specifications. When you order the cranes from us, please give us the detail of your requirements and your using situation, we will be the one to ensure what we offer is totally according to your requirement. And our components are designed with the idea of adjustment free and according to the lift time of the crane, so you can always rely on the functioning of the cranes.

2. Technical data of gantry crane 30t


3. Application show of gantry crane 30t


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