Factory Double Girder A Frame Trolley Gantry Crane 25 Ton

Construction site gantry crane 12 ton used in steel is composed of gantry, crane crab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system. The gantry is of a box-shape structure, the girder is bias track double girder and the leg is divided into type A and type U according to user’s requirements. The closed cab is employed for operation, where there are adjustable seat, insulating mat on the floor, toughened glass for the window, fire extinguisher, electric fan and auxiliary equipment such as air conditioner, acoustic alarm and interphone which can be furnished as required by users.

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A type double girder gantry cranes applicable for enterprises,railway station,ports,warehouses and supplier freight yard,handling and lifting between the fixed span in a variety of material.

1.Design and manufacture according to GB/T 14406 "General gantry crane".

2.Mainly made up of bridge, trolley, crane traveling mechanism and electric system.

3.Crane conductors are either rigid shapes of steel or flexible insulated cable. 

4.Gantry crane is suitable for shipping yard and those workshop without columns.

5.Also can equipped with many lifting device for special work.

6.Gantry crane is prohibited for lifting high temperature solution, flammable, explosive, 

corrosion, overloading, dust and other dangerous operations.

A frame double girder gantry crane with hook cap safe device:
with overload and zero protection devices,emergency switches,travel limit switches,buffers,rail clamp and other security devies.
the use of ergonomically designed of drivers's cabin allows the operator more comfortable.



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