Boat Lifting Gantry Crane

boat lifting gantry crane

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Boat lifting gantry crane

1. boat lifting gantry crane

Boat hoist/boat lifting gantry crane can handling different tons boat or yacht (10T-800T) from the shore side, it can be used for the maintenance on the shore side or can put the new boat into the water. 

The Boat hoist includes the following items: main structure, traveling wheel block, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system and electric control system. The main structure is N type, which can transfer the boat with height surpass crane’s height.

2. Working enviroment of boat lifting gantry crane

1. 3 phase A.C. 50HZ 380V

2. The temperature of the working environments is -20 ~ +45 degrees and.the Max relative humidity shall be less than 95%( with condensation);

3. Wind speed shall be less than 20m/s;

4. Working leave: A3, A4;

5. Special requests are available

3. Data of boat lifting gantry crane


4. Package and delviery of boat lifting gantry crane


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