10 Ton Italy Gantry Crane

10 ton italy gantry crane

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10 ton Italy gantry crane

1. 10 ton Italy gantry crane introduction

10 ton italy gantry crane is mainly composed of gantry.crane cab trolley travelling mechanism,cab and electric control system.

The gantry is of a box-shape structure.The cab adopts vertical reaction wheel when the lifting load is below 20t,and horizontal reaction wheel when above 20t to run at the girder side. The girder is of single-girder bias track and the leg is L-shaped. so that the lifting space is large and the spanning ability is strong,making it easy to covey articles from the span to under the jib.

2. Design drawing of 10 ton italy gantry crane


3. Show of 10 ton italy gantry crane


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