10 Ton Bridge And Gantry Crane

10 ton industry bridge and gantry crane are designed for transporting and lifting materials.

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10 ton industry bridge and gantry crane

1. 10 ton industry bridge and gantry crane introduction

10 ton industry bridge and gantry crane are designed for transporting and lifting materials. Small lift Gantry Crane which is manufactured for the medium and small factory (company) daily production need. It applies to model manufacture and installing situation, automobile factories, producing department and other lifting occasions.

The small electric gantry crane can move easily, disassemble and install quickly, cover little area.The structure design reasonably, can withstand 500 ~ 10000 kg weight, span up to 10 meters.

Especially apply to yard and workshop equipment installation, transportation.

The small gantry hoisting belt brake on bearing universal wheel can move on the ground, with electric hoist or manual hoist, chain blocks or monorail car accessory, realize the mechanization of hoisting, can reduce manpower and production costs, improve work efficiency.


Advantages of Small mobile gantry crane

  •  Light weight ,five times the safety factor

  •  Easy operation ,wireless controller available

  •  move under load ,Smooth starting and stopping

  •  Every steel tube is detachable, disassembly and assembly are easy

  • Easy operation Control by Pendent controller with push buttons or wireless controller ,control the gantry moved front and back , the hoist travelling left and right , lift up and down.

  •  Portable design allows for relocation for use in more than one facility or work area. 

2. Technical data of 10 ton industry bridge and gantry crane



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