10-50t ME Model Double Trolley Box Type Gantry Crane

Double beamgantry crane/ double girder gantry crane is application on the open storage pot ,workshop yard , materials yard , railway transport station , and harbor wharf to loading and unloading materials . The double beam gantry crane usually including : trolley , double beam , hook , legs , motors , soft conductive cable , large cart with sliding contact line , .The double beam gantry crane have the following types : A type double beam gantry crane , U type double beam gantry crane , shipbuilding gantry crane . Gantry crane with shield .

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Product Details

 1.ME double beam gantry crane is suitable for the open yard,do general loading and unloading,lifting and hoisting handing work.

 2.The ME double girder gantry crane is composed of gantry,crane crab,trolley travelling mechanism,cab and electrol system.

 3.The capacity of this gantry crane is 1-500t,the span  is from 18-35m,the working temperature within -20°c~+40°c.

 4.All motions are operated in the driver's cabin or wireless remote control,the power supply of crane adopts cables or sliding wires,select one when ordering.

 5.ME double girder gantry crane has various security measures extremely complete,such as wind alarm,prevent brokem shaft,rollver protection.



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