16ton Double Beam Overhead Bridge Crane

The bridge crane is a kind of bridge type crane which runs on the elevated track, also known as the sky car. The bridge cranelay along on both sides of the elevated rail longitudinal run lifting trolley along the bridge in laying the track on the horizontal run a rectangular scope of work can make full use of space below the bridge lifting material from the ground equipment hindered.

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16ton double beam overhead bridge crane

Detailed description of single beam bridge crane

1., the single girder bridge crane runs in the elevated system and the factory with a longer length. The hoist rises and goes up and down and moves around, and the main engine loads and moves the goods back and forth.

2., the bridge crane is characterized by a more rational structure and high-strength steel as a whole. The main girder and the end beam are made of U groove steel plate.

3. the bridge type crane (bridge type crane) and CD1/MD1 type wire rope electric hoist or HC/HM type wire rope electric hoist.

4., the bridge crane (bridge crane) is a small and medium-sized bridge crane, its lifting load is 1-20T, the span is 7.5-28.5m, its working level is A3-A4, and the working environment is -25 +40 C.

5. this type of bridge crane (bridge crane) is widely used in factories, warehouses, materials and other places to improve the goods. It is forbidden to use in combustible, explosive and other corrosive environment.

The general characteristics of single beam bridge crane

1. crane material: Q235, Q345B/Q345D

The 2. wing structure makes it stable, independent handle operation, and can also be equipped with wireless remote control, powerful and reasonable appearance.

3. wheel all vacuum forging, (or according to customer requirements), medium frequency quenching.

The 4. wheel group, steel wire rope, gear and coupling are produced and cast by CNC CNC machine tools.

5. Nanjing special or Nanjing General Factory motor, the quality of the domestic lead.

6. electrical parts: SIEMENS or Schneider electrical appliances.

7. control mode: the cab. Wireless remote control. Control board. Customers can choose two kinds. (can also be produced according to customer design)

Electric single beam crane safety protection:

1. overload protection device

2. high quality, long time use, impact resistant polyurethane buffer

3. crane limit switch

4. loss pressure protection

5. emergency parking system

6. lifting limit device


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