Cable Reel Speed Reducer

  • Electric Cable Reel Spring

    Electric Cable Reel Spring

    1. Electric spring cable reel introduction: Electric spring cable reel for the control of cable roll up and release, mainly for cranes, stacking devices or waste water treatment technology and other occasions,the introduction of the international winding spring-type cable...Read More
  • Electric Cable Reel Drum Spring Type

    Electric Cable Reel Drum Spring Type

    1. Electrical cable reel for crane introduction: Electrical cable reel for crane is mainly composed of the host and reel,motor speed range, with a softer mechanical properties,when the load changes when the motor speed is also a corresponding change, that is, the increase in...Read More
  • Electric Spring Cable Reel

    Electric Spring Cable Reel

    1. Extension cable drum introduction: The power section and speed control section of the cable reel are borne by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical properties.According to the drive form is divided into two categories of non-electric and electric,widely...Read More
  • Electrical Cable Reel for Crane

    Electrical Cable Reel for Crane

    1.Export high quality cord reel introduction: Export high quality cord reel has high quality imported materials, advanced technology, good flexibility winding, wide range of applications, socket better performance, high security level.Inside cable tray with overheating...Read More
  • Export Crane Cord Reel

    Export Crane Cord Reel

    1.Extension cord cable reel introduction: In order to meet the needs of mobile electrical power supply (such as lifting electromagnet, electric flatbed, all kinds of cranes, hydraulic grab, etc.),our company in introducing advanced technology, based on the design and...Read More
  • 100 Ft Extension Cord Reel

    100 Ft Extension Cord Reel

    100ft extension cord reel briefly: 100ft extension cord reel is named for its use on a reel or winding system,the extension cord of this product, whether it is flexibility, wear resistance, or waterproof, anti-UV, cold, oil and other properties are excellent. 2. 100ft...Read More
  • 20m Cable Reel

    20m Cable Reel

    1. 20m cable reel i ntroduction : 20m cable reel main purpose of the cable reel is retractable cable, cable length 20m, reel core made of sheet metal, the outerlayer with polyester coating protection, can play a good role in preventing corrosion, mainly for cranes,...Read More
  • 380V Power Cable Reel

    380V Power Cable Reel

    1.380v power cable reel briefly: 380v power cable reel is a cable winding device that provide power, control power or control signals for large mobile devices,hysteresis coupling used for the synchronous differential mechanism, theuse of magnetic coupling principle ensures...Read More
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