Crane Use Motorized Cable Reel

1. Electric cord reels for sale feature: l Easy to assemble, snap-together design Includes durable metal stand. l Power supply can be installed on one side of the device or on the middle of the device.This is decided by the winding length. l After rigorous quality testing, product safety is very...

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1. Electric cord reels for sale feature:

l Easy to assemble, snap-together design Includes durable metal stand.

l Power supply can be installed on one side of the device or on the middle of the device.This is decided by the winding length.

l After rigorous quality testing, product safety is very high .

l   Lock performance.Our machine have worm gear with good lock performance,when the power is off suddenly,the worm gear can keep the cable on the cable drum do not slip down.

2. Electric cord reels for sale parameter:


3.Electric cord reels for sale precautions for use:

u Cable reel drum must be installed horizontally.First guarantee axial lead should be perpendicular to the moving way of the mobile device.Then fix it with screw or choose a suitable place to weld it .

u Altitude not exceeding 2000 meters.

u Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ - +45 ℃ Allow to work in the place of rain, splashing and non-corrosive gas dust.


4.Electric cord reels for sale application:



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